Humphrey Van Der Roer is a dutch pilot, engineer and inventor. He has several patents attached to his name, mainly in the area of offset printing press. His most astonishing invention will likely change the lives of millions poor citizen living in Africa and other least developed region of the world.
Humphrey Van Der Roer had a dream of inventing a cheap sources of energy to be used by households in Africa. the boundary conditions he set for himself were very strict: the device must be easy to install, operate and maintain. But most importantly the device should be able to produce energy without any initial energy input!!! After many years of work, Humphrey Van Der Roer succeeded in coming up with an extraordinary. device that runs on water with normal temperature.
Dr El Tayeb was invited by Mr Roer to his home city Fribourg, Switzerland to see the device and to examine the possibility of mobilizing the necessary resources to push the project forward.
Dr. El Tayeb expressed the readiness of the university to promote the project. He extended an invitation to Mr Roer to visit the Future University sometimes later this year or early next year to present his project.