thepresident_2013The Interactive University is now a year old and it is worth looking back over the last twelve months and taking stock of our achievements. I am proud of the hard work put in by the academic staff, administrative staff, supportive staff and students alike. We have made good progress towards reaching our objectives: to become a world class university; to expand and improve our level of research and development and to build an entrepreneurial and innovative spirit into our students and staff.

Already the Interactive University is becoming well recognized nationally and internationally. Collaborations are underway with leading universities worldwide. We attract international students from a number of countries; students from Africa and the Middle East account for 5% of our student body and we aim to double this in the coming years.

While continuing to offer courses focused on its strengths in ICT and related fields the university has widened its course offerings and new faculties are under development.

The university’s commitment to improving research is seen in the allocation of 1.5% of its total budget to R&D. A centre for innovative, applicable research (IDEAS) has been created and aims not only to raise the R&D standard at the university but also in Sudan as a whole.

The Interactive University has become a privileged partner to many government departments, providing staff training and consultancy services. Major cooperation agreements have been reached with the Ministry of Interior and The Ministry of Science and Technology. Discussions regarding cooperation with The Ministry of Education, Ministry of Culture and Information are on-going.

Let me take this opportunity to congratulate both the academic and non-academic staff of the university for their hard work and good results.

Finally, please be assured that the Interactive University will spare no effort to provide you with the quality education you deserve.

Welcome to the Interactive University
Dr. El Tayeb Mustafa
The President