Dr. Abubaker Mustafa Chairman of the Board of Trustees
Dr. El Tayeb Mustafa The President
Mr. Ghassan Abubaker Mustafa Vice President for Central Units
Dr. Isam Moh. Khair Acting Assistant President for Academic Affairs
Mr. Akif Mihaimeed Assistant President for Administration and Finanace
The Academic Department  
Ust. Kawther Abu Alnaja Director for Admission and Registration
Dr. Salih Dafa Alla IU Librarian
Dr. Isam Moh. Khair Director for Examination Office
Mr. Abdel Galel Moh. Khair Director for Public Relation
Ms. Salma Fathi Director for Marketing
Prof. Saud Sadig Hassan Dean – Faculty of Architecture and Design
Prof. Hussein Gamman Dean – Faculty of Art & Design
Prof. Abdelrahman Hassan Dean – Faculty of Basic Studies
Dr. Majid Dherar Dean – Faculty of Engineering
Dr. Nour Eldin Mohamed Elshaiekh Dean – Faculty of Computer Sciences
Dr. Eltayeb Ganawa Dean – Faculty of Geoinformatics
Dr. Emmalyn Capuno Dean – Faculty of Information Technology
Dr. Ashraf Gasem Alseed Dean – Faculty of Telecommunication & Space Technology
Dr. Lea Nisperos Dean – Faculty of Post Graduate Studies (Acting)
Dr. Khalid Hassan Suliman Dean, of Students Affairs
Head of Departments  
Dr. Leonida Javillo Knowledge Management
Dr. Abdalla Awad Allah Architecture and Design
Dr. Mohammed Atta Interior Design
Dr. Ashraf Gasim Telecommunication Engineering
Ust. Zeinab Computer Science
Ust. S. Rushaid Ali Information Technology
Dr. Eltayeb Saeed Geoinformatics , Remote Sensing
Dr. Leonida Javillo Business Administration
Dr. Julito Evangelista Electronics Engineering
Dr. Leny Soriano Creative Multimedia
Dr. Abdel Basit Al Khatim Graphics Design
Dr. Hatham Mahady Mechatronics Engineering
Dr. Elias Biomedical Engineering
Dr. Reylen Garcia Computer Engineering
Dr. Eltayeb Ganawa Head of KIST
The Centers and Units of Department  
Engr. Mutaz Hamad Director, CTS Department
Dr. Nader A. Rahman Director, ICDL
Ust. Alaa Kamal Director, Project Unit
Mr. Muhammad Ali Network Unit
The Advisors  
Amb. Sayed Sharief
Amb. Sayed Galal
Mr. Mohammad Issa
Ust. Abdel Basit Babiker
Engr. Osman Mustafa Khair
General ElSheikh
The Admin and Finance  
Mr. Abdel Rahim Al Badri Finance Manager
Mr. Waleed Ahmed Mohamed Sulaiman Internal Auditor
Mr. Kamal Accounting Manager
Mr. Albaguer Acting Director HRD (Human Resource Department)
Colonel Almahdi Alsidig Commander, University Guard
Mr. Yousif Omer Acting Director, Services and Procurement
Dr. Mohamad Ashraf IU Medical Doctor
The Central Units  
Mr. Ghassan Abubaker Mustafa International Relations Administration
Dr. Khalid Hassan Suliman Deanship of Sudents Affairs
Ms. Salma Fathi Academic Marketing Unit
Mr. Abdel Galel Moh. Khair Media and Public Relations Adminitration
Mr. Bahaeldin Elsayed Ali Executive Office of the President