admissionThe administration of admission and registration is responsible to the Assistant President for Academic Affairs. The department is in charge of the registration policies for the Future University for the new students as well as the continuing students .The administration of admission and registration consists of the following sections:

Admission Section

  • Admission formalities for the new students.
  • Coordination between the Future University and the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research.
  • Preparation of database of new students following the digital system of registration.

Registration Section

  • Coordinates and links the office of the University Registrar and Faculties Registrars.
  • Preparing the registration reports to be presented to the President of University and other administrations.

Statistics Section

  • This section is responsible for preparing statistical data and keeping records of the all students in the university as well as the statistical data for graduates.

Transcripts and Certificates

  • Preparation and issuing certificates of graduation Section.

The Central Examination Office (Administration of Admission and Registration ) maintains close coordination with all Faculty Registrars.