The 10-Day Computer Science Curriculum Workshop, headed by the Dean of the Faculty, Prof. Faisal Mohamed Fadlelmola, started last 30 June 2012 and ended with a successful outcome, the Tracking System for BS (Honors) in Computer Science. The objective of the said workshop is to revise the current curriculum with the thrust of meeting today’s technological needs in the field of Computer Science.

Four tracks were agreed upon by the group, namely: BS (Honors) in Computer Science major in Artificial Intelligence (BSCS in AI), BS (Honors) in Computer Science major in Bioinformatics (BSCS in BI), BS (Honors) in Computer Science major in Computer Graphics (BSCS in CG), and BS (Honors) in Computer Science major in Software Engineering (BSCS in SE). For the tracking system the students’ courses will be the same for the five semesters and will start their major courses on the sixth semester. Alongside with it, there will still be common courses that the students will take during their majoring. This will seek approval from the office of Prof. Rashied Modawi, Assistant President for Academic Affairs as well as the University President and the University Senate before being sent to MoHE for official and formal approval.

Likewise, the Computer Science Culture Day was celebrated last 12 July 2012. This festivity brought the whole faculty working together: the conceptualization, the design of posters and stage, and what are to be included on the program. The students and staff come-up with a festival that showcases the Culture of Sudanese People: marriage, songs, and stage play were the main highlights of the celebration. With these, the students’ creativity, talents, and unity were shown despite the short preparation coupled with their academic works. Our congratulations to all!