student activity


Year 2011, Students presenting the projects.

Congratulation to Hana Adam, won Bronze Medal

Hana has been chosen to participate the THE AFRICAN CHAMPION CUP FOR Taekwondo. which will be at SANGAL on 20-11-2010.

Ust. Magdi
Dean of Students
Tel : 00249-183428513

The Deanship of Students Affairs at the Interactive University works closely with the Student Body to provide a healthy university environment conducive to leadership development and high self esteem. The students are enabled to express their talents, practice their hobbies and attain self satisfaction. The Deanship encourages student to strive for the highest academic standards, excellence and innovation through proper counseling and advice.

Objectives of Students Body

  • Provide students with healthy university environments and give them the opportunities to run and manage their own affairs.
  • Enable students to practice their hobbies and express their talents.  
  • Allow students to interact with the community.
  • Offer students with services and support in academia and social life.
  • Establish spirit of collaboration and mutual understanding between the students and the university administration.

Responsibilities of Students Affairs Council

  • Formulation of annual work plans of student body.
  • Preparation of the annual budget.
  • Supervision of the offices of the Students Body.
  • Preparation of rules and regulations of the offices of the Students Body.